Top 5 Red Lipsticks Every Gal NEEDS!

Hello my dears, it’s Emily Rae here!


Red lipstick is one of those beauty products that can be quite tricky to tackle: which shade of red should I try? Which formula is best? What color will make my smile brighter? Which red won’t fade off my lips throughout the day? The questions are endless as to which red is right for you. However, the options of red lip products are just as endless and thus, provide you with an abundance of options to explore!

As many of you know, I take most of my beauty and fashion inspiration from Old Hollywood starlets of the 1940’s & 1950’s. One of the most iconic makeup staples of this time was a beautifully elegant red lip. Thus, over the years, red lipstick has become a must-have of mine.

There’s something I love about how dressy it makes an outfit appear while not going entirely overboard. It’s a classic yet sophisticated statement that brings just the right touch of timeless to any makeup look. Whether you love all things vintage like I do, or, like to keep things a bit more modern in respects to beauty, today I will be sharing five perfect red lipsticks that you simply must try!


NYX Cosmetics Matte Lipstick “Pure Red”  

You can’t get any more old school than a classic bullet lipstick with a satin-finish! That is precisely what you will find with most of the NYX Cosmetics Matte Lipsticks. This shade in particular, in “Pure Red”, I must say, is not as “pure” of a red as its name suggests. Instead, I find this to be an excellent orange-hued red. While I am more of a deep red kind of gal, myself, this is a perfect selection if you are looking for a fun pop of color on the lips. I love how creamy and long-lasting these are while never fading off your lips. Fun fact: I actually wore this exact lipstick on my prom night many moons ago! 🙂

Real Her Moisturizing Lipstick “Be Yourself Be RealHer”

Mulberry lips are all the rage this season and this product is the perfect pick to test out this trend! This lipstick by the brand Real Her is creamy with a glossy finish, certainly far from your classic matte lip. It has deep, brown-ish undertones that create an almost vampy lip look (very 1920’s-esuqe!). Although this lipstick does require a few touch ups throughout the day, it is certainly a must-have in any red lipstick-lovers collection!

Revlon Matte Balm in “Standout”

My dears, I present to you one of my FAVORITE lipstick formulas: matte balms! Not quite a lip balm and not quite a matte lipstick, this hybrid lip product is simply to die for! Not much else to elaborate on in regards to this product, as you will certainly “Standout” wearing this one 🙂

Zureo Lipstick in “Festival Red”

Ladies & gents, we have gotten to liquid lipsticks! I went through a slight obsession with liquid lip products around this time last year, as they are simply divine. They are convenient, provide beautiful color-payoff and give an even and precise application. This Zuero Liquid Lipstick tastes and smells like candy while containing an applicator that lends an even, full-coverage. Once the formula sets, a dash of gloss is left behind while the rest of the lip look dries to a completely matte look.

Ardell Matte Whipped Liquid Lipstick in “Red My Mind”


Quite frankly, before this product, I had only known Ardell for their lashes. However, I sure am happy that I was introduced to the rest of their high-quality products! First and foremost, the applicator of this liquid lipstick is easy to apply while remaining precise. You can easily line lips with this item or fill in to pure red perfection. Not to mention, this particular shade is about as close to my idea of a “perfect red” that you can get!


What is your go-to shade of red? I LOVE trying out new lipsticks & seeing what else is out there on the beauty market 🙂 ‘Tis one of my favorite things to do.

I have been working really hard on lots of lovely new posts coming up as well as a few giveaways in the near future for the holidays. Stay tuned!

As always, I’m Emily Rae, wishing you all a lovely day. See you soon, my dears!

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