OOTD: The Notebook Inspired Ensemble

Hello my dears, it’s Emily Rae here!

While I am definitely not the sappy type who enjoys cheesy romantic movies, The Notebook is one of my favorites (it just never gets old!) A big part of this is due to the fact that the outfits have me swooning every single time I watch. While I am not particularly surprised, as it takes place during my favorite decade, I was inspired nonetheless to recreate my favorite look from the movie.

The iconic blue dress that Allie Hamilton wears in the movie, naturally, was a customized gown made perfectly fit for the starring actress, Rachel McAdams. Thus, I searched through clothing racks to find a lovely dupe for the ensemble!

The dress I selected was originally a long-sleeved, floor-length nightgown from the 1960’s era. Consequently, I had to chop away at the dress to create a short-sleeved, mid-thigh look, opting for a scalloped hemline to complete the outfit.

I threw a matching purse I found while thrift shopping into the mix and slipped on my favorite wedges and voila, the outfit was finished!

I absolutely adore recreating looks from the past as I certainly see it as a challenge. But remember, adding your own twist to these iconic looks makes it all the more fun.

As always, I’m Emily Rae, wishing you all a lovely day! I’ll see you soon, my dears.



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