Dapper DIY: Monochromatic Art!

Hello my dears, it’s Emily Rae here!

Monochromatic Painting Dapper DIY 12

A few weeks ago, I was reminiscing about one of my favorite classes in college, which was my color & design theory course. It was this class that made me realize my love for painting! It was also this class that made me grow an appreciation for the monochromatic style of art. Thus, today’s Dapper DIY is centered around monochromatic paintings, particularly a painting I did, recreating one of my favorite photos.

I personally think this is a great craft for any & everyone, as you can paint and create something that matches your personal room setting or theme, while choosing a solid color that you love most!

As many of y’all know, I adore the 1940’s and my favorite photo of all time would have to be the photo of the sailor kissing the nurse in the midst of V-J Day celebrations! I wanted to create a cute piece of handmade art for my office space at home which is why I ultimately decided on this one (I love decorating with all things vintage! Surprise, surprise 😉 )

Monochromatic Painting Dapper DIY 1Monochromatic Painting Dapper DIY 2

My BIGGEST tip for doing this, especially if you are not a perfect painter, is to print your photo in black and white (lucky me, the picture was already in black & white lol), and that way, you can easily see the highlights & shadows that need to be filled in. I get that the whole point is that art is not supposed to be perfect, however, mapping it out this way makes it a heck of a lot easier.

As for the color I selected, I opted for shades of blue, as this is my favorite color (Tiffany blue is my fave, but this will do 😉 ) I love the Artist’s Loft Paints, as they smoothly glide onto the paper! (check them out HERE!)

Monochromatic Painting Dapper DIY 3Monochromatic Painting Dapper DIY 4

Make sure you have LOTS of brushes handy, as you don’t want to contaminate your mixtures. This is the part where my completely & utterly annoying perfectionist side comes out…haha…When creating your paint mixtures, you want to create variations. Essentially, mixing different amounts of white into the blue to create your highlight shades, as well as mixing different amounts of black into the blue to create your shadows. I use this easel that I got in college but honestly, a paper plate will do!

Monochromatic Painting Dapper DIY 5Monochromatic Painting Dapper DIY 6Monochromatic Painting Dapper DIY 7Monochromatic Painting Dapper DIY 8

I personally like to start with sculpting out the shadows, then I go back in and fill in the highlights. This is a rather simple image to do a monochromatic painting of, but nonetheless, one I am hanging by my desk 🙂 I found this gold frame from Forever 21 and it pairs perfectly with the colors of this artwork!

Monochromatic Painting Dapper DIY 9Monochromatic Painting Dapper DIY 10Monochromatic Painting Dapper DIY 11Monochromatic Painting Dapper DIY 12Monochromatic Painting Dapper DIY 13

Thank y’all for tuning into another Dapper DIY! With spring coming up, I have lots of new ideas (although I need to ACTUALLY do all of these ideas…my blog post “schedule has become non-existent, unfortunately…). I am also going to be in Oregon at the end of next week into the middle of the following week which my friends and I have been waiting for for what feels like forever now. Stay tuned for a blog post on that very soon 🙂

Until next time…

As always, I’m Emily Rae, wishing you all a lovely day!

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1950’s Fashion Favorites!

Hello my dears, it’s Emily Rae here! I have had so much fun doing a 1950’s themed week over on my Instagram (see my latest OOTD’s here :)) I figured, what better way to end this week with a blog post all about my 1950’s fashion favorites!

Today’s focus will be on the oh-so-flattering wiggle dress, the timeless off-the-shoulder swing gown and a fit & flare floral ensemble that I can’t get enough of!



Wiggle dresses were quite prevalent in the 1940’s (perhaps even more so than the 1950’s!) but once more starlets like Marilyn Monroe came into the picture, this became a widespread trend. I personally love a good wiggle dress, as I find it is flattering for my body shape. It is a comparable piece to your average, contemporary body con dress, however, it usually has some type of flared pleated detailing at the bottom, as this was all the rage in the 1950’s. This Unique Vintage piece has rapidly become one of my all-time favorite dresses. It is comfortable, stretchy & goes with everything! Pair it with stockings or wear with some kitten heels, this dress will have you wiggling into 50’s perfection in no time 🙂


1950's unique vintage swing dress

Oh, how I adore this gown, also by Unique Vintage (can you tell I am a bit obsesses? 😉 This style of dress was commonly worn to special occasions (especially proms, weddings, formal occasions, etc.). The off-the-shoulder facet gave the look a bit of a sultry edge without going too overboard, while the taken in waist and flared out skirt portion gave the illusion of more of an hourglass appearance. I can’t help but mentioning that this dress reminds me exactly of the one Loraine wore in Back to the Future at the dance where her and George McFly fall in love…the similarities are striking lol…I recently wore this dress to a Lana Del Rey concert & received so many lovely compliments! It is definitely a keeper in my closet 🙂



When I look at this dress (surprise, surprise, also from Unique Vintage!) I think of the 50’s queen of television herself, star of I Love Lucy, Lucille Ball. She always looked ravishing in her floral accented gowns that made her waist look ultra-tiny while flaring out to create a voluminous skirt. Additionally, the colors of this fifties fashion must are so vibrant and flattering to any figure, which I also love. As I have mentioned many a times, I will find any excuse to get dressed up. Hiking, going to the store, you name it, I simply love getting all dolled up. This dress makes it SO EASY to achieve this put-together look in a matter of seconds. Just zip up and head out the door in retro 1950’s perfection.

I had the loveliest time creating a 1950’s looks this past week! Which decade shall I do a decades-themed week of for March? I am debating between 1920’s vs 1960’s or 1980’s vs 1990’s…hmm…

Until next time…

As always, I’m Emily Rae, wishing you all a lovely day! Have a splendid Sunday, dears 🙂

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Photo Diary: A Darling Weekend Getaway

Hello my dears, it’s Emily Rae here! Finally, I have had a spark of inspiration to write a new post. Perhaps this motivation came with the new year, (happy 2018!) or, from taking a breather for a few days and heading to the small, beautiful and oh-so-friendly town of Julian.

My best friends and I usually take a little trip this time of year somewhere to enjoy a couple of days away from the daily stresses of work, school & life, in general. While last year, we went to the beach, this year, we decided to go a bit further away, on the beautiful property of Lake Cuyamaca, just bordering Julian. We had a lovely weekend shopping at antique shops,  enjoying lake-side views from our porch at the lodge we were staying at (which was splendid, by the way! 10/10 would recommend the Lake Cuyamaca Lodge) and playing with the absolutely beautiful horses, named Albert & Melody, on the land we stayed at.

Take a look at the photos below for a little peak into our weekend getaway. I hope y’all enjoy this photo diary style post!

weekend getaway lookbook fashion diary ootd 16weekend getaway lookbook fashion diary ootd 14weekend getaway lookbook fashion diary ootd 15weekend getaway lookbook fashion diary ootd 9weekend getaway lookbook fashion diary ootd 7weekend getaway lookbook fashion diary ootd 20weekend getaway lookbook fashion diary ootd 12weekend getaway lookbook fashion diary ootd 10weekend getaway lookbook fashion diary ootd 11weekend getaway lookbook fashion diary ootd 1weekend getaway lookbook fashion diary ootd 5


weekend getaway lookbook fashion diary ootd 35weekend getaway lookbook fashion diary ootd 36weekend getaway lookbook fashion diary ootd 37

weekend getaway lookbook fashion diary ootd 32weekend getaway lookbook fashion diary ootd 31weekend getaway lookbook fashion diary ootd 18weekend getaway lookbook fashion diary ootd 19weekend getaway lookbook fashion diary ootd 27weekend getaway lookbook fashion diary ootd 28

weekend getaway lookbook fashion diary ootd 13weekend getaway lookbook fashion diary ootd 17weekend getaway lookbook fashion diary ootd 6weekend getaway lookbook fashion diary ootd 8weekend getaway lookbook fashion diary ootd 30weekend getaway lookbook fashion diary ootd 33weekend getaway lookbook fashion diary ootd 34

It’s weekends like this one that allow me to take a moment & realize how blessed I am so have such lovely ladies in my life. It was the perfect way to spend New Year’s weekend, if you ask me 🙂

As always, I’m Emily Rae, wishing you all a lovely day. I will see you dears in another post next Friday 🙂

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OOTD: The Notebook Inspired Ensemble

Hello my dears, it’s Emily Rae here!

While I am definitely not the sappy type who enjoys cheesy romantic movies, The Notebook is one of my favorites (it just never gets old!) A big part of this is due to the fact that the outfits have me swooning every single time I watch. While I am not particularly surprised, as it takes place during my favorite decade, I was inspired nonetheless to recreate my favorite look from the movie.

The iconic blue dress that Allie Hamilton wears in the movie, naturally, was a customized gown made perfectly fit for the starring actress, Rachel McAdams. Thus, I searched through clothing racks to find a lovely dupe for the ensemble!

The dress I selected was originally a long-sleeved, floor-length nightgown from the 1960’s era. Consequently, I had to chop away at the dress to create a short-sleeved, mid-thigh look, opting for a scalloped hemline to complete the outfit.

I threw a matching purse I found while thrift shopping into the mix and slipped on my favorite wedges and voila, the outfit was finished!

I absolutely adore recreating looks from the past as I certainly see it as a challenge. But remember, adding your own twist to these iconic looks makes it all the more fun.

As always, I’m Emily Rae, wishing you all a lovely day! I’ll see you soon, my dears.


Top 5 Red Lipsticks Every Gal NEEDS!

Hello my dears, it’s Emily Rae here!


Red lipstick is one of those beauty products that can be quite tricky to tackle: which shade of red should I try? Which formula is best? What color will make my smile brighter? Which red won’t fade off my lips throughout the day? The questions are endless as to which red is right for you. However, the options of red lip products are just as endless and thus, provide you with an abundance of options to explore!

As many of you know, I take most of my beauty and fashion inspiration from Old Hollywood starlets of the 1940’s & 1950’s. One of the most iconic makeup staples of this time was a beautifully elegant red lip. Thus, over the years, red lipstick has become a must-have of mine.

There’s something I love about how dressy it makes an outfit appear while not going entirely overboard. It’s a classic yet sophisticated statement that brings just the right touch of timeless to any makeup look. Whether you love all things vintage like I do, or, like to keep things a bit more modern in respects to beauty, today I will be sharing five perfect red lipsticks that you simply must try!


NYX Cosmetics Matte Lipstick “Pure Red”  

You can’t get any more old school than a classic bullet lipstick with a satin-finish! That is precisely what you will find with most of the NYX Cosmetics Matte Lipsticks. This shade in particular, in “Pure Red”, I must say, is not as “pure” of a red as its name suggests. Instead, I find this to be an excellent orange-hued red. While I am more of a deep red kind of gal, myself, this is a perfect selection if you are looking for a fun pop of color on the lips. I love how creamy and long-lasting these are while never fading off your lips. Fun fact: I actually wore this exact lipstick on my prom night many moons ago! 🙂

Real Her Moisturizing Lipstick “Be Yourself Be RealHer”

Mulberry lips are all the rage this season and this product is the perfect pick to test out this trend! This lipstick by the brand Real Her is creamy with a glossy finish, certainly far from your classic matte lip. It has deep, brown-ish undertones that create an almost vampy lip look (very 1920’s-esuqe!). Although this lipstick does require a few touch ups throughout the day, it is certainly a must-have in any red lipstick-lovers collection!

Revlon Matte Balm in “Standout”

My dears, I present to you one of my FAVORITE lipstick formulas: matte balms! Not quite a lip balm and not quite a matte lipstick, this hybrid lip product is simply to die for! Not much else to elaborate on in regards to this product, as you will certainly “Standout” wearing this one 🙂

Zureo Lipstick in “Festival Red”

Ladies & gents, we have gotten to liquid lipsticks! I went through a slight obsession with liquid lip products around this time last year, as they are simply divine. They are convenient, provide beautiful color-payoff and give an even and precise application. This Zuero Liquid Lipstick tastes and smells like candy while containing an applicator that lends an even, full-coverage. Once the formula sets, a dash of gloss is left behind while the rest of the lip look dries to a completely matte look.

Ardell Matte Whipped Liquid Lipstick in “Red My Mind”


Quite frankly, before this product, I had only known Ardell for their lashes. However, I sure am happy that I was introduced to the rest of their high-quality products! First and foremost, the applicator of this liquid lipstick is easy to apply while remaining precise. You can easily line lips with this item or fill in to pure red perfection. Not to mention, this particular shade is about as close to my idea of a “perfect red” that you can get!


What is your go-to shade of red? I LOVE trying out new lipsticks & seeing what else is out there on the beauty market 🙂 ‘Tis one of my favorite things to do.

I have been working really hard on lots of lovely new posts coming up as well as a few giveaways in the near future for the holidays. Stay tuned!

As always, I’m Emily Rae, wishing you all a lovely day. See you soon, my dears!

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OOTD: Cheery Cherry Dress

Hello my dears, it’s Emily Rae here!

Happy November to all! I can’t believe the holidays are just around the corner, can you? Time sure does fly!

With the transition into the colder months, I feel as though in most places, people start digging out their cold-weather attire right about now. However, if you reside in Southern California like me, and don’t really get the whole seasonal autumn change, sadly, then sleeveless dresses are still quite a common thing to be wearing! With over 100 degree weather last weekend, I didn’t have an option but to wear a dress with a lightweight fabric, minimal straps and one that was breathable.


To prevent blistering in the heat, I selected this cherry patterned dress with a halter-strapped closing and a fit & flare cut. With a vintage ravishing red blazer (that is a 1950’s original piece!), I felt as though just the right amount of retro was revamped for this ensemble!

My heels were a pair of floral-accessorized chunky heels that elongate the legs while still providing stability due to the thickness of the heels.  Enjoying the beautiful Old Town San Diego for the Day of the Dead festivities this past weekend was a lovely time, indeed. Old Town truly does not ever get old if you ask me 🙂


For more of my OOTD posts, click here!

I am off to spend my Saturday working on some fun holiday posts coming up 🙂

As always, I’m Emily Rae, wishing you all a lovely day! See you soon, my dears!

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1940’s Apple Pie Recipe

Hello my dears, it’s Emily Rae here!


Happy Wednesday to all! For my birthday, my parents gifted me with an absolutely amazing Tiffany Blue mixer that is PERFECT for baking!

Today, I present to you an absolutely lovely recipe from the 1940’s (my favorite kind of recipe, without question). I stumbled upon this classic Apple Pie and new I had to add it to my Retro Recipes series on here.

Simple and easy to bake, this Apple Pie is perfect for the upcoming holiday months, or a lovely, mid-week treat to get you to the weekend in tasty vintage style!

For ingredients, all you need is…

Apple Pie 1Apple Pie 2

Truthfully, the recipe is very self-explanatory: mix crust ingredients together then mix filling ingredients together and add to crust. It’s that simple! A couple of things to note: the crust can be made 2 days ahead. Also, something that I wish I had known is that you have to allow the crust to chill in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours once the crust is molded into your desired shape. I am not the most patient person and thus, this was rather difficult for me to stand! Haha 🙂

Once ready to pop in the oven, pre-heat your oven to 400°F. Once the oven heats to this temp, you can reduce the heat to 375°F so that your pie does not easily burn (trust me, this is rather easy to do if you forget/have a million things going on that day!) The pie will bake in the oven for about an hour and a half, although, I kept mine in for a solid hour and 45 minutes, as I wanted the perfect crispy texture on the outside and crisp pie consistency on the inside 🙂

082 (2)076 (2)096 (2)101 (2)105107

Another tip I have found with this dish is that if you sprinkle a dash of pure sugar onto the pie, just as you are putting it into the oven, it adds a subtle hint of sweetness to the dessert that, once baked over, is pure 1940’s dessert-heaven!

Also, non-stick spray is your best friend with baking! Spray it on your baking tools, pans and platters and anything that can easily get dough stuck to it, as that is such an unwanted hassle that all bakers go through when not using non-stick spray!


And with that, this Retro Recipe is complete! I always forgot how peaceful baking is. Blaring 1940’s music in my kitchen while baking my favorite treats is truly a Saturday well-spent 🙂

I hope everyone has a lovely rest of the week! I have my first Halloween themed post going up on Friday, so stay tuned…

As always, I’m Emily Rae, wishing you all a lovely day! See you soon, my dears!

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OOTN: Retro With a Modern Twist

136 (2)

Hello my dears, it’s Emily Rae here!

This past weekend, my best friend and I got all dolled up and headed out for a night in  Downtown San Diego! The evening consisted of delicious food, courtesy of the lovely restaurant Puesto, views of the San Diego Bay, an amazingly talented Beatles cover band and of course, yet another memory shared with my dearest friend.

Fashion for the night was kept classic with a modern twist. Definitely on the “daring” side, if you will, I was inspired by two lovely ladies for this look: the darling Betty Brosmer and the divine Emily Ratajkowski. Both of these icons share a similar style in that their looks are sultry and sophisticated, a combination which I love!

For this Downtown OOTN, I opted for a navy blue color scheme. The star of this outfit was this exquisite dress, that was a gift from my mom, that has minor cutout details in the front. I understand, this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, however, I felt as though the look was a healthy mixture of vintage and contemporary; a look that Brosmer would wear in her prime in the 40’s as well as an ensemble that Ratajkowski may select for a night out in modern day. Nonetheless, this has become one of my favorite curve-hugging pieces in my wardrobe!

I added a modern accessory with this mirrored belt and pinned my hair on one side for an Old Hollywood glam look. With everything that I wear, I always have one rule that I never falter from: at least one part of my look has to have some vintage flair to it. Whether that be a retro scarf added to jeans and a jacket, or a red lip added to my sweatpants and band tee look, this is one piece of advice I would suggest to any vintage lover 🙂 In this case, I selected some darling crystal-adorned earrings and kept my makeup simple yet smoky, a look that was fitting, considering my inspiration for the night.

155 (2)

My wedges  were from TJ Maxx, which I have featured a few times here on the blog,  and I threw on a loose fitting blazer, as it does get quite chilly by the water in San Diego! And with that, this outfit is complete! Thanks to those tuning and keep your eyes peeled for more posts to come very soon!

Happy October to everyone, by the way 🙂 Don’t forget to follow along on my Instagram for more beauty, fashion & lifestyle posts throughout the week! 🙂

As always, I’m Emily Rae, wishing you all a lovely day.  See you soon, my dears!

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OOTN: Ravishing Rose Swing Dress


Hello, my dears, it’s Emily Rae here!

First and foremost, I decided to switch up the font on here, hope nobody minds 🙂 ‘Twas time for a little change!

As some of you know, today is actually my 20th birthday! I had such a lovely time with friends and family these past few days and am feeling inspired to write!

I am not usually one to make a huge deal about my birthday, however, my best friends and lovely family truly made it a special one that I will never forget. On the agenda for this past Saturday was swing dancing with my dears in which I HAD to share with y’all the outfit I wore!

As soon as I saw this dress on the Unique Vintage site (check it out here), I knew it would be the perfect pick for a night of swing dancing. While it fit like a glove and went perfectly with my victory rolls and red lipstick, the dress unfortunately did not survive the night! Whilst at dinner, the zipper completely broke, making it non-repairable by the end of the evening (leading to a dress change mid-night!). However, I did get a few photos of the dress in its glory which I shall share with you all now.

This 1950’s style swing dress has the perfect fit & flare style that is curve-hugging yet comfortable, or was, before it split open, should I say 😦 .

I paired my look with some black dangling earrings and strappy black wedges that were impeccably comfy to swing dance in!

014012 (2)

As for other festivities of the night, my friends and I went to an old-fashioned diner beforehand and danced with the loveliest folks during the swing dance. It was so nice to be able to attend an event where you share the same music taste and love for vintage things with others! Even though it may not be my friends cup of tea, I certainly appreciated their thought in taking me for my birthday.


In other news, I can’t wait to create some fun fall posts for the upcoming weeks! I have an entire list of ideas saved in my notebook that I cannot wait for y’all to see. For now, I wish everyone an amazing week ahead!

As always, I’m Emily Rae, wishing you all a lovely day!

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