Dapper DIY: Monochromatic Art!

Hello my dears, it’s Emily Rae here!

Monochromatic Painting Dapper DIY 12

A few weeks ago, I was reminiscing about one of my favorite classes in college, which was my color & design theory course. It was this class that made me realize my love for painting! It was also this class that made me grow an appreciation for the monochromatic style of art. Thus, today’s Dapper DIY is centered around monochromatic paintings, particularly a painting I did, recreating one of my favorite photos.

I personally think this is a great craft for any & everyone, as you can paint and create something that matches your personal room setting or theme, while choosing a solid color that you love most!

As many of y’all know, I adore the 1940’s and my favorite photo of all time would have to be the photo of the sailor kissing the nurse in the midst of V-J Day celebrations! I wanted to create a cute piece of handmade art for my office space at home which is why I ultimately decided on this one (I love decorating with all things vintage! Surprise, surprise 😉 )

Monochromatic Painting Dapper DIY 1Monochromatic Painting Dapper DIY 2

My BIGGEST tip for doing this, especially if you are not a perfect painter, is to print your photo in black and white (lucky me, the picture was already in black & white lol), and that way, you can easily see the highlights & shadows that need to be filled in. I get that the whole point is that art is not supposed to be perfect, however, mapping it out this way makes it a heck of a lot easier.

As for the color I selected, I opted for shades of blue, as this is my favorite color (Tiffany blue is my fave, but this will do 😉 ) I love the Artist’s Loft Paints, as they smoothly glide onto the paper! (check them out HERE!)

Monochromatic Painting Dapper DIY 3Monochromatic Painting Dapper DIY 4

Make sure you have LOTS of brushes handy, as you don’t want to contaminate your mixtures. This is the part where my completely & utterly annoying perfectionist side comes out…haha…When creating your paint mixtures, you want to create variations. Essentially, mixing different amounts of white into the blue to create your highlight shades, as well as mixing different amounts of black into the blue to create your shadows. I use this easel that I got in college but honestly, a paper plate will do!

Monochromatic Painting Dapper DIY 5Monochromatic Painting Dapper DIY 6Monochromatic Painting Dapper DIY 7Monochromatic Painting Dapper DIY 8

I personally like to start with sculpting out the shadows, then I go back in and fill in the highlights. This is a rather simple image to do a monochromatic painting of, but nonetheless, one I am hanging by my desk 🙂 I found this gold frame from Forever 21 and it pairs perfectly with the colors of this artwork!

Monochromatic Painting Dapper DIY 9Monochromatic Painting Dapper DIY 10Monochromatic Painting Dapper DIY 11Monochromatic Painting Dapper DIY 12Monochromatic Painting Dapper DIY 13

Thank y’all for tuning into another Dapper DIY! With spring coming up, I have lots of new ideas (although I need to ACTUALLY do all of these ideas…my blog post “schedule has become non-existent, unfortunately…). I am also going to be in Oregon at the end of next week into the middle of the following week which my friends and I have been waiting for for what feels like forever now. Stay tuned for a blog post on that very soon 🙂

Until next time…

As always, I’m Emily Rae, wishing you all a lovely day!

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graduation cap decoration dapper diy 1

graduation cap decoration dapper diy 2


graduation cap decoration dapper diy 2_


graduation cap decoration dapper diy 4


graduation cap decoration dapper diy 5

grad cap057044

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